Novel approaches: a virtual conference 21-25 November 2011

The Institute of Historical Research is pleased to present its first ever online conference: a continuation and extension of our November 2011 conference entitled Novel approaches: from academic history to historical fiction.

Historical fiction is more popular and critically well-received than ever before, and its relationship with academic history is of increasing interest to historians. ‘Novel approaches’ seeks to explore this phenomenon by bringing together a wide range of speakers, including academic and public historians, authors and publishers.

The online conference takes place for one week and is free to all. Among much else it will cover the following themes:

  • The popularity of historical fiction
  • The differences and similarities between historical fiction and academic history
  • Does the success of historical fiction benefit or threaten academic history?

‘Novel approaches’ will include the following content once the conference begins on 21 November

See also our speaker biographies and online conference programme.

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