Conference programme

21 November – 25 November 2011

Historical fiction is more popular and critically well received than ever before, and its relationship with academic history is of increasing interest to historians.  ‘Novel Approaches’ seeks to explore this phenomenon by bringing together a wide range of speakers, including academic and public historians, authors and publishers.

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The programme is also available through a downloadable PDF: Novel Approaches Online Conference Programme.

Monday  21 November


10am                    Conference begins

10.30am               Book review: The many faces of Thomas Cromwell (Mark R. Horowitz)

11am                    Lecture: Hilary Mantel and David Loades in conversation

1.30pm                 Competition announcement

2pm                      Lecture: Alison Weir

4pm                      Book review: The dark side of Victorian London (Kaye Jones)

5pm                      Day 1 Best bits

Opinion pieces:  Jane WintersJennifer HighamSimon Baker

Further conference information: Feature HighlightsJoining the discussion

Tuesday 22 November

The Popularity of Historical Fiction

9am                      Welcome Day 2

9.30am                 Lecture: Elizabeth Chadwick

10.30am               Book review: The Crusades (Jenny Benham)

11am                    Article: The omniscient narrator: the

historical technique of Penelope Fitzgerald (Jonathan Blaney)

12pm                    Lecture: Justin Champion

2pm                      Lecture: Tracey Loughran

3pm                      Lecture: Peter Straus

4pm                      Book review: Queers, erotomaniacs and Victorians (Harry Cocks)

5pm                      Day 2 Best bits

Opinion Pieces: Jonathan Blaney

Further conference information: Bibliographay and Online Resources; Search Techniques Handbook

Wednesday 23 November

The differences and similarities between historical fiction and academic history

9am                      Welcome Day 3

9.30am                 Lecture: Maria Margaronis

10.30am               Book review: Flyers and their traumas: the RAF in the Second World

                             War (Matthew Grant)

11am                    Article: Why historians should write fiction (Ian Mortimer)

12pm                    Lecture: Ian Mortimer

2pm                      Lecture: Beverley Southgate

3pm                      Lecture: Rebecca Stott

4pm                      Book review: Shell-shocked: trauma, the emotions and WW1

(Tracey Loughran)

5pm                      Day 3 Best bits

Opinion pieces: Peter Robinson

Further conference information: Suggestions Box

Thursday 24 November

Does the success of historical fiction benefit or threaten academic history?

9am                      Welcome Day 4

9.30am                 Lecture: Jackie Eales

10.30am               Book review: Telling Ghost Stories (Judith Harris)

11am                    Article: Researching the Nazis: The Girl in the Bunker (Tracey


12pm                    Lecture: Cora Kaplan

2pm                      Lecture: Paul Lay

3pm                      Lecture: Stella Tillyard

4pm                      Book review: The many lives of John Bale (Matt Phillpott)

5pm                      Day 4 Best bits

Opinion pieces: Danny Millum, Jenny Benham

Miscellaneous: Historical Resources workshop

Friday 25 November

Novel Approaches

9am                      Welcome Day 5

9.30am                 Book review: Moscow as city and metaphor (Alexander Martin)

10.30am               Lecture: Roundtable with our speakers

11am                    Article: A Quick Round-up of Class Opinion

11.30am               Book Review: Debating the Cultural Revolution in China (Julia Lovell)

12pm                    Book Review: Restoration: fact and fiction in the stores of history

(Alan Marshall)

1pm                      Competition winners announced

2pm                      Book Review: Nun’s (not) on the run

3pm                      Article: A history of historical fiction (Matt Phillpott)

3pm                      The end? Our final post

Additional: Conference Survey;


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