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Suggestions box

You may or may not have noticed the suggestions tab on the left-hand menu.

Well, we’d like to bring it to your attention briefly before we continue with the show.

This is the IHR’s first virtual conference and we very much hope that you are enjoying it. However, we would like feedback.

There will be an opportunity on the last day of the conference to give us some limited feedback but this link allows you freely to express your thoughts and opinions in a public forum.

What do you think we’ve done well? What do you think we could improve upon in the future? Is there anything you have particularly enjoyed (or not)? Do you like the site design? Is the layout easy to navigate?

We’re very much looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

The IHR Digital Team

Bibliogaphy & online resources

Whether you’re interested in the subject of historical fiction’s relationship to academic history or are currently in the process of writing your own novel, short story, or indeed academic work our bibliography and list of online resources should (we hope) be of some use and interest.

These are not comprehensive lists; that was never our intention. But they do touch upon a variety of elements under discussion here. We’ve included articles, podcasts, videos and websites among these external resources.

If you would like to add additional online resources or bibliographical items that you think are useful please feel free to do so in the comments section in the bibliography and online lists.

These comments will be monitored for spam and offensive material. However, if you see something that you think doesn’t belong please contact us at



Now that you’ve had a bit of time to get used to the site we thought it would be a good point quickly to let you know about some of the various resources and sections that the Novel Approaches virtual conference has to offer. We will talk more about some of these resources as the week progresses but for now here are some of the highlights.


We have put together a useful bibliography and list of online resources about historical fiction and where possible its relationship to academic history. These have been divided into themes and topics where appropriate so please do have a look around.

Speaker biographies

Curious about the speakers at our conference? If so, then have a look at our brief biographies page.


If you want a bit more information on what this virtual conference is all about head on over to our ‘About’ page where we describe where we are coming from and what we hope to learn.


If you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to share with us please head over to the suggestion page. We’d love to hear what you think!

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There appears to be a little confusion about how to join the discussion on the virutal conference. 

1. To add a comment either click on the speech balloon on the top right of the relevant post or click on ‘reply’ at the base of the post. 

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