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Woman’s Hour 27 April 2010 [Radio broadcast]

The writer Helen Dunmore discusses her latest novel, The Betrayal, which is set in Leningrad in the last years of Stalin’s regime. 10 minutes

Open Book – Pat Barker 31 August 2003 [Radio broadcast]

The author of ‘The Regeneration Trilogy’ (a series of novels about the First World War) talks about her books. She tells Mariella Frostrup about the themes that run through her work and her desire to explore darker subjects, such as war, mental illness and violence. Barker discusses her creation of character and her enjoyment of constructing dialogue. 27 minutes

Woman’s Hour – Hilary Mantel 11 September 1995 [Radio broadcast]

Hilary Mantel talks to Jenni Murray about her novel ‘An Experiment in Love’. They discuss hopes for women’s education in the 1970s, Hilary’s views on feminism and living by dogmas. The author also reveals why she never pursued a profession in law and how her early ill health affected her life and shaped her career. 10 minutes

Front Row 12 August 2009 [radio broadcast]

Writers of history and historical fiction explore the best ways of writing about the past. Mark Lawson examines the differences between factual and fictional writers of history and between academics and populists in the telling of stories from our heritage. Writers Antonia Fraser, Margaret MacMillan, Philippa Gregory, Hilary Mantel, Sarah Dunant and Tristram Hunt discuss the best ways of exploring the past. 30 minutes

Open Book 29 May 2011 [radio broadcast]

Mariella Frostrup celebrates a renaissance in historical fiction writing with authors Philippa Gregory, Sarah Dunant and Adrian Goldsworthy. In its heyday in the 1950s and 60s writers such as Anya Seton, Georgette Heyer, Margaret Irwin and Jean Plaidy achieved commercial success – Jean Plaidy sold a 100 million books in her lifetime – but little literary acclaim. So why is the genre enjoying a re-birth, and how do novels from Tudor tyrants to the 1930s Depression, from Renaissance Italy to the Napoleonic wars, speak to us now? The programme also includes an interview with Hilary Mantel, author of Booker prize winning novel “Wolf Hall” about the Tudor politician Thomas Cromwell. 30 minutes

Readers want historical novels – Today Programme 7 October 2009 [radio broadcast]

The author Hilary Mantel has won this year’s Man Booker prize for fiction. Her novel, Wolf Hall – set in the court of Henry VIII – beat entries from a number of former winners, including JM Coetzee and AS Byatt. The author discusses her award. 5 minutes

Bookworm – W.G. Sebald 6 December 2001 [radio programme]

Sebald describes the source of his prose and explores the invisible presence of the concentration camps in his work including ‘Austerlitz’. 28 minutes [Begins with two adverts]




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