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Man Booker prizewinner Hilary Mantel on Wolf Hall

This year’s Man Booker prizewinner, Hilary Mantel, talks to Sarah Crown about her triumphant novel, Wolf Hall, how she came to admire her scheming hero Thomas Cromwell, and why she writes historical fiction. 15 minutes

Live webchat: Sarah Waters 15 July 2011 [transcript of webchat]

Wide-ranging webchat on her fiction, publishers, television adaptations and character development.

Eric Foner remarks on history and fiction 9 January 2009 [conference lecture]

Author and historian Eric Foner presented his thoughts on history and fiction in a talk entitled, “Rethinking and Re-imaging the Past in a Changing World.” Eric Foner is a history professor at Columbia University. Part of the 2009 Key West Literary SeminarHistorical fiction and the search for truth. 38 minutes

Historical methods and practice panel 9 January 2009 [Conference panel discussion]

Eric Foner moderated a panel discussion, “How Can We Know (and Tell) What Happened in the Past?, with authors Jill Lepore, David Levering Lewis, Megan Marshall, and Patricia O’Toole. The discussion focused on research findings that changed the panellists’ mind, and then, they responded to audience members’ questions. Part of the 2009 Key West Literary Seminar – Historical fiction and the search for truth. 44 minutes

A historical fiction roundtable (Penguin Books UK) July 2011 [podcast]

For this episode of the podcast, five of our favourite authors sat down to discuss their shared experiences writing historical fiction, as well as their own unique perspectives on the past. Harry Sidebottom (author of the Warrior of Rome series) discusses how the 3rd century was an era of rapid change that is wonderfully obscure to most. A. L. Berridge (Honour and the Sword) talks about why the contrasts between nobility and brutality in 17th Century England fascinate her. Karen Maitland (The Gallows Curse and Company of Liars) considers why she finds the myth and magic of the Middle Ages so captivating, as well as how she creates parallels between the historical and the modern to create a sense of familiarity for the reader. Stewart Binns (Conquest) talks about turning to his own time at school to find a heroic adventure from the 11th Century Norman Conquest. And Kate Williams (The Pleasures of Men) discusses the expansion of Britain and of cities in the Victorian era, and the, often overlooked, dark underworld that flourished. 37 minutes.




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