Book Reviews

These are book reviews with a difference.  Rather than review a book in the usual way we asked our reviewers to compare a historical fiction novel with the historical research that it derived from.  These can be found below or on the Reviews in History website.  Please either click on the relevant link or scroll down this page.

The many faces of Thomas Cromwell (Mark R. Horowitz)

The dark side of Victorian London (Kaye Jones)

The Crusades (Jenny Benham)

Queers, erotomaniacs and Victorians (Harry Cocks)

Flyers and their traumas: the RAF in the Second World War (Matthew Grant)

Shell-shocked: trauma, the emotions and WW1 (Tracey Loughran)

Telling Ghost Stories (Judith Harris)

The many lives of John Bale (Matt Phillpott)

Moscow as city and metaphor (Alexander Martin)

Debating the Cultural Revolution in China (Julia Lovell)

Restoration: fact and fiction in the stores of history (Alan Marshall)

Nun’s (not) on the run (Caroline Bowden)

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About Matt Phillpott

I am an historian of early modern Britain and the Digital Resources Manager at the School of Advanced Study. My main area of interest is in the authentication of knowledge in early print, including religious, historical, and agricultural texts.


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