Bibliogaphy & online resources

Whether you’re interested in the subject of historical fiction’s relationship to academic history or are currently in the process of writing your own novel, short story, or indeed academic work our bibliography and list of online resources should (we hope) be of some use and interest.

These are not comprehensive lists; that was never our intention. But they do touch upon a variety of elements under discussion here. We’ve included articles, podcasts, videos and websites among these external resources.

If you would like to add additional online resources or bibliographical items that you think are useful please feel free to do so in the comments section in the bibliography and online lists.

These comments will be monitored for spam and offensive material. However, if you see something that you think doesn’t belong please contact us at

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About Matt Phillpott

I am an historian of early modern Britain and the Digital Resources Manager at the School of Advanced Study. My main area of interest is in the authentication of knowledge in early print, including religious, historical, and agricultural texts.


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