Day 1: Best bits

Day 1 is now over. At this time each day we plan to highlight the best bits. Perhaps a comment or a resource that we felt was particularly good. Or perhaps some information or a fact that seems particularly interesting.

Both lectures presented today talked about the importance of authenticity in historical novels and there have been several comments strongly supporting this position.  I like Hilary Mantel’s idea of a historiogaphical novel as a statement of its stronger authentic basis.  It will be interesting how these discussions carry on to the lectures presented tomorrow.

That’s it for today but please do keep on adding to the discussions. Tomorrow we’ll bring you more lectures, book reviews, opinions and articles so stay tuned!

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About Matt Phillpott

I am an historian of early modern Britain and the Digital Resources Manager at the School of Advanced Study. My main area of interest is in the authentication of knowledge in early print, including religious, historical, and agricultural texts.

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Best bits

  1. Hi Matt –

    I am so grateful for this virtual conference. However, I am having a bit of a time navigating around. I guess I don’t understand when and how things will be posted and how long they will be up. I don’t suppose you could link the audio bits to the correlative program listings? that way I could ‘attend’ in the same order that the conference occurred and just click from the program to each bit.

    How long will this be available? I’m catching bits and pieces between teaching.


    • Thank you for the idea about adding links to the conference programme. At the end of each day I will add the links to that day’s items so if you’re worried you have missed anything just check the conference programme at the end of the day.

      It is our intention that this virtual conference will remain online indefinitely. So don’t worry, nothing will disappear.

      Hope that helps.


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